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Powered by 42 years of experience under the #1 cost recovery expert Steve Ferreira, FreightAudit is your GO-TO source for the most thorough and advanced freight audits for all modes of transportation


One Fast Freight Audit.

$1M Average Weekly Refunds.


Across air, land, and sea, our post audits review your freight data using the same approach trusted to recoup millions in overcharges for 20 of the Fortune 100.


Even if you’ve completed a post audit with another provider or internally, a 2nd post audit could secure the same amount of working capital or more through Steve’s proprietary audit techniques.


The best freight audits come down to knowledge, attention-to-detail, and experience. By leaving no stone unturned, Steve secures refunds for all modes of transportation.

Get Steve On Your Side

Steve Ferreira is the trusted  industry authority for comprehensive results. Backed by his 40,000 outlier hours, you can bank on newly recoverable capital from Freight Audit. As the founder of Ocean Audit, he has developed a proprietary process that MAXIMIZES and SIMPLIFIES your pre and post-audit recovery potential. Today, he leans on 42 years of experience while thoroughly inspecting any logistics or transportation fee for its FULL refund potential.

From the freight audit to the recovery and everything in between, Steve handles the leg work independently. Impressed by his results, his Fortune 100 clients encouraged him to expand to all transportation modes. Now, he has become the top freight auditor for proactive companies. With countless clients, Steve has recovered six figures in refunds for both ocean freight and all other transport modes

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Turning Data Into

Substantial Refunds

Our all-encompassing approach means taking a deep dive into invoices, reviewing historical rates, and focusing on the “Steve 10”, which is Steve’s 10 simplified techniques applied consistently to each of your transportation vendors. Steve’s 10 refund types unlock substantial lost working capital recoveries while taking less than 30 minutes of your time.

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Here’s what you can expect:

Tailored audits geared for any mode of transportation you use to drive maximum savings

Private transportation recovery tools to identify all overcharges and potential refunds without guesswork

Meticulous freight audits that result in refunds from areas you’d never expect

Dependable pre, post, and 2nd post freight audits rooted in over four decades of experience

Transparent, risk-free pricing based on your total refund, meaning zero out of pocket costs. You will never incur a fee if a refund is not returned to you

When you choose FreightAudit, you get the added assurance that comes from a fully internal audit. That’s because we conduct the entire process in-house to keep your data safe.

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The time is now to put your working capital back into your pocket. For an in-depth freight audit that finds the refund you didn’t know you were owed, book a complimentary initial call today.